october, 2020

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2 days ago
Thank you to our Power Innovations team , and congratulations to the Rebelle Rally competitors for an exhilarating job well done!
+1,600,000 kWh of power delivered to basecamp.
+2,200 kWh of power delivered for #EVcharging.
Great job team!
PowrInnovations photo
2 days ago
Hear Power Innovations VP of Operations Mark Watkins interviewed at the Rebelle Rally (timestamp 42:31)
#RebelleRally #PowerInnovations #Rivian #Energy #Backup
PowrInnovations photo
3 days ago
Our Mobile-Special Operations Command (M-SOC) AMES Power Station has been a key part of powering the Rebelle Rally. Check out PI's blog to see why Stage 7 will be the most challenging stage yet.
#RebelleRally #PowerInnovations #EVcharging #Renewables
PowrInnovations photo
4 days ago
Welcome back, Rebelles! We missed you at basecamp while the marathon stages were happening. Good luck today on a difficult Stage 6 and we look forward to powering your evening planning sessions!
#PowerInnovations #Rebelle2020 #GreenBaseCamp #EVRecharging
PowrInnovations photo
5 days ago
The Rebelles spent the night far from base camp, self-camping in the sand dunes last night. Don't worry, Rebelles, we bring the power to you. 💪

Good luck on Stage 5 today!

#RebelleRally #Stage5 #PowerInnovations #cleanpower
PowrInnovations photo