Rebelle Rally Base Camp

Stage 6 – Rebelle Rally

Welcome back, Rebelles! 😊 Last night marked the return of the Rebelles to our GREEN POWER base camp since the marathon stage started on Tuesday. Now you can have some overhead light for those late night and early morning planning …
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Mitsubishi Outland Rebelle Rally

Stage 5 – Rebelle Rally

Last night, the Rebelles enjoyed a night under the stars in Dumont Dunes—their first night self-camping without the food and showers of base camp. Traditionally, this has been a very special time in past rallies as the women laugh, eat, …
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Power Innovations Charging Rivian Truck

Stage 4 – Rebelle Rally

Be Safe. Be Prepared. Be Kind. Be Green. That’s our motto at Power Innovations. We’ve been busy with all four here at the Rally — keeping lights on with solar power at base camp and charging the EVs for this …
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MEC by Power Innovations


Happy Monday from Rebelle Rally! Check out the Power Innovation’s MEC – our mobile energy storage, delivery, and management center – charging the Rivian. We’re thrilled to be part of history as the Rivian, the first-all-electric vehicle to compete in the Rebelle Rally, …
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Stage 2 Start – Rebelle Rally

Stage 2 starts for the Rebelles today after a grueling Stage 1. Starting this morning Team 129, Nena Barlow and Tana White are in first place in the 4×4 class with 208 points. In the X class, there is a …
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Prologue Start

Prepped and ready to go, the excitement begins! Today marks Day 1 of the Rebelle Rally, and the 5th year of the competition which includes more than 36 teams from 69 cities. Rebelle Rally 2020 is the inaugural year for …
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Power Innovations Mobile Energy Command (MEC)

Tech and Inspection Day at the Rebelle Rally

Yesterday was Tech and Inspection Day at the Rebelle Rally! The skies were clear with temperatures at a high of 70 degrees in the Nevada Desert – a perfect start to the Rally. Tech and Inspection Day is a non-score …
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