Hydrogen Fuel Cells only give off electricity, water, and heat.

Renewable energy gives us the ability to be good energy stewards of our planet. However, many renewable energy resources can only be used when the sun is shining, or when the wind is blowing. This is one application where hydrogen integration can be useful. The energy that is produced from other renewable energy sources can be stored as hydrogen for use at a later date, or be transported to wherever energy is needed. Hydrogen has no shelf life.

How much energy can you get out of Hydrogen Gas? Recently, Power Innovations fuel cell system produced 10,560 kWH of green electricity in 48 hours – a worldwide first. Use the calculator below to estimate how much electricity and pure water you could produce using our hydrogen fuel cell system.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells by Power Innovations

*Input a hydrogen gas amount below to determine the resulting water and electricity output.

*The information which you calculate from this Calculator is intended for use by you as a guide only. The figures and formulae used within this calculator may change at any time without notice.

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