At Power Innovations, we build innovative solutions for the integration and management of power to ensure a safer and sustainable future. For more than 23 years, we have earned our reputation as the wisest team in the industry. We love power, and we love solving problems for our customers!

  • For consumers, we offer solar power solutions, such as portable emergency solar generators.
  • For the military and military contractors, we deliver high-quality, low footprint power solutions.
  • For power-dependent industries, like oil and gas rigs, we offer ruggedized power solutions.

In April of 2014, LiteOn officially became a vital part of the PI Team.  LiteOn is a large public company and a global leader in advanced high-volume, high-quality manufacturing services. LiteOn started many years ago and was one of the early pioneers and leaders of what we now know as modern LED technology.

Today with offices throughout the world, LiteOn manufactures for the world’s leading companies. Their products range from chargers and power supplies, electronic components, including optoelectronics, to advanced automotive needs such as heads-up displays (HUDs), automotive LEDs, and EV chargers.

The combined recourses of PI and LiteOn provide a talent base of over 60,000 employees worldwide, with over 3,800 engineers.

Salt Lake City Skyline

Headquarters: Salt Lake City, UT Metropolitan Area

LiteON Building

LITE-ON Technology Building: Neihu Science Park skyline

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