The Point of the Mountain – located between Sandy and Lehi, Utah – connects two major counties in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. The area is anticipated to be transformed into a beautiful, new development with thriving businesses, various transit options, and the latest technology.

It’s central location between two major universities and the rapid expansion of housing in the surrounding areas makes it already very highly trafficked—especially during rush hour on the I-15. In addition, the near-by Jordan river gives the area great potential for outdoor recreation. Growth at the Point of the Mountain is inevitable, and the commission is planning carefully to ensure that the growth will not only be economically beneficial, but sustainable as well.

Point of the Mountain Community

Point of the Mountain Community – Images provided by Envision Utah

To improve air quality, the Point of the Mountain Development Commission aims to decrease commuting distances by locating jobs near housing. Plus, there will be a world-class system public transportation. A network of parks, bike trails, and open spaces will encourage people to bike and walk to their destination. A new north-south boulevard and a major increase of jobs will decrease traffic on the I-15. The Commission also aims to facilitate the use of electric vehicles with charging stations. The implementation of water-wise landscaping will moderate water-usage, plus on-site energy generation and storage will promote energy efficiency.

The commission’s vision aims for a green utopia made up of a tight-knit, diverse community who value contributing to the workforce and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.

As this vision becomes a reality, the Point of the Mountain may become the standard for neighboring communities. There is so much to look forward to as Utah puts greater efforts into creating a green future. Power Innovations is excited for the future, as Utah puts in greater efforts into sustainable living. We look forward to being involved with the Point of the Mountain vision as we all work towards a safer, cleaner, and greener future.

To learn more about their vision, check out their website.

*Images provided by Envision Utah